Author Topic: Google Chrome not working under Windows 10  (Read 5132 times)

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Google Chrome not working under Windows 10
« on: November 25, 2016, 04:29:52 pm »
This came up recently. After installation the program does not start.

The first interesting think was that it was the 64 bit Chrome that was being installed on a 64 bit machine and yet it placed it in C:\ProgramFiles(X86)\ which seemed rather odd. The installation also seemed 'jerky' with the install time being shown varied between a few seconds and 30 minutes. Changing it to run in compatible mode for the other Windows versions also failed to work.

Looking on the internet there were many other people with the same problem with all the usual de-install and reinstall suggestions. And every third party product including Windows was blamed.

The solution was to download and install the 32 bit version - this worked properly.