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EXE, Batch File or PIF File Not Found: EMAILS
« on: August 12, 2016, 04:39:31 pm »
During emailing invoices you get :-

EXE, Batch File or PIF File Not Found: EMAILS
Please notify technical support immediately!

Before anything else is considered look in Setup/Company and ensure that EMAIL TO TPN SOAP is NOT ticked.

If this is not the case then it looks like this is caused by one of the Windows DLL's either missing or corrupt. The Windows subsystem actually does the emailing and not the Invoicing program.

The file may be any of MAPI.DLL , MAPISTUB.DLL or MAPI32.DLL

Check out (Microsoft seemed to have archived this now!)

This can occur if you have ever loaded Office 2010 which has its own versions of these. Clearly they expect you to use Office 2016.

Replace the files with versions from a computer that works OK or obtain from the original CD.

And/or try this -

Look in this folder -

C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\Msmapi\1033 and see if it contains a file called MSMapi32.dll

If so, can you rename this to MSMapi32.old

Try to email again.

If this fails then go into C:\Windows\System32 and find the file MAPI32.DLL and rename this to MAPI32.OLD

In the same folder you will find a file called FIXMAPI.EXE - just run this.

Try to email again.

Please note that there are many Mickey Mouse cures on the internet for this issue. You are advised to only take advice from Microsoft owned web sites.


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