Author Topic: TPN SOAP program apparently not working  (Read 4409 times)

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TPN SOAP program apparently not working
« on: August 01, 2016, 09:06:04 am »
This usually means that a setting is missing. Remember you must be running the latest version at all times.

Go into Setup then Parameters. If this line is empty then click on the [...] at the end. OK this.

Go into Depots. Is this empty? If so click on insert. Put in your depot code then a valid username and password for TPN Connect. Click on Main Depot if this applies (normally yes). Save. Close.

Click on Image Dir. Is this blank. Browse for the directory where your POD images are stored. OK.

Click on Datapath. Is this blank. It should be the same directory as the one that appears on the top line of the TPN Invoicing program. OK this.

To test. Go into Operations. Click on Retrieve. Does it count up at the bottom? Once done click on CONSEXP.TXT at the top and see what it downloaded.


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