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Code Signing Certificates
« on: December 08, 2022, 03:54:49 pm »
Recently had fun getting a code signing certificate from Sertigo. You can only download it using either Internet Explorer 8+ on a PC or Firefox ESR on a Mac. Nothing else works at the moment.

I used a Mac with Firefox ESR which went as far as stage 5 where it downloaded a file called CollectCCC onto the Mac but it didn't seem to do anything else. I expected it to load it in the Keystore but no such luck.

In case anyone else has a problem, what I had to do was as follows :-

The downloaded file CollectCCC contained the public certificate signed by the certificate provider.

You have to rename the collected certificate to name.p7s (any name but with a .p7s extension)

I then copied this onto a Windows machine for ease of use.

I pulled the public p7s into the Personal certificate store using the Windows certificate manager.

I right-clicked on the certificate and exported it to the base64 format, saving it as name.cer

I downloaded and installed openssl

I then issued the following command to combine the signed name.cer certificate with my previously saved private key name.key

openssl pkcs12 -export -out NAME.pfx -inkey NAME.key -in NAME.cer

This creates a name.pfx file, which you can install directly in the Personal certificate store on the computer to sign executables and you can use the Windows certificate manager to add a friendly name to the certificate.