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Cannot see network mapped drives


The symptom is that you go into My Computer and you can see a number of remote mapped drives but when you go into Datapath in TPN Invoicing they are not available.  :-[

This is caused by either running the program in Windows Elevated Mode OR installing the program as an Administrator (you should only ever install a program as a Standard User).

Check the properties of the shortcut that runs TPN Invoicing and ensure that RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR is not ticked.

Effectively when you look through Windows Explorer the drives have been 'mapped' for the current user. When you run an elevated program it dumps the mapped drives from being visible since it treats you as a different user who hasn't got these drives mapped. To work properly the mapped drives have to be mapped for all users rather then just the current one. The effect is no different to two users logging in one one computer with one mapping an external drive, when the other user logs in they won't see the mapped drive. You don't have to reinstall the program to fix this as it is not a program issue.

This effect would not be limited to TPN Invoicing but any program which ends up being run in Elevated Mode.

These explain what is happening :-



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