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Cannot log in
« on: September 23, 2020, 01:35:47 pm »
Check the top line of the screen. It tells you the current data directory between the square brackets. Is this correct? Or does it incorrectly say C:\TPNINVG
If it is simply wrong then you can alter the Data Directory by clicking on the [...] symbol on the Login page (to the right of Password). You can then select the correct directory.
If this is NOT the case then get to the Login page. Login as a user called manager with a password of borg. You will get to the Name Table.
Is your username missing or the table blank? Click on Insert and add yourself as a user. Add a password. Set the User Level to Operator and the Restrictions to N. Now click on the Close button.
You should now be able to login.

Check that you are in the right Data Directory by viewing some of the data. It should not be blank.

If you need to change the directory go into Utilities and Data Path then simply alter it.