Author Topic: New computers and Office 2019 email send problem  (Read 4696 times)

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New computers and Office 2019 email send problem
« on: October 21, 2019, 09:00:27 am »
We have tested the Outlook that comes with Microsoft Office 2019 and TPN Invoicing in a normal scenario. Provided Outlook is set as the Default Email Program it works seamlessly. We also tested it using remote access with Splashtop and again it worked normally.

Please note that other uses of Outlook in non-standard conditions such as working through Exchange Server have not been tested due to the technical difference between every single site. You should seek help from your I.T. supplier in the case that you experience problems sending emails as the cause will lie within that system.

If you add new Windows 10 computers running Office 2019 to your network and then cannot send invoices from TPN Invoicing using the new computers then the logic is that something is blocking the action. In this case existing computers continue to work without issue.

TPN Invoicing uses a system called Simple MAPI to send emails. There are no settings in the program at all and in fact none are needed. In our tests we did not modify any settings in Outlook either.

If you have Sage installed then try to send out using this program instead as it also uses MAPI. If this fails then the problem lies with MAPI. If Sage works then the problem is connected directly with TPN Invoicing and the most likely cause is direct blocking by your anti-virus or Firewall.

You should be aware that the 64 bit version of Outlook does not contain the proper MAPI components and may not work properly. A good indication of this is if you get a warning message on the screen that says, "Either there is no default mail client or the current email client cannot fulfil the messaging request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the defaultmail client."

The solution is to install the 32 bit version of Microsoft Office. It is actually quite rare to install the 64 bit version as many other common programs would experience the same issues.

It may help diagnose the problem if you download and run our Outlook Reporter program :-

Just complete the three input boxes and then click on the MAPI send button. This confirms whether MAPI is operating. You can also test using the Outlook button.

The most likely causes are :-

1. Blocked by firewall or anti-virus (this is the commonest cause)
2. Using remote desktops that are not 100% configured or fully compatible
3. Using remote profiles in Exchange Server that again are not properly configured

If using Exchange Server then you should consult the available logs in Windows. Please note that Outlook cannot connect to the Exchange Server by using MAPI over HTTP when a proxy is enabled that has your own domain listed as an exception.

We have supplied TPN Invoicing to the AVAST Whitelisting program to avoid this being an issue with AVAST/AVG.

We recommend the use of the free Belarc Advisor program to ensure that your system is fully up to date and not missing critical Windows updates.


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