Author Topic: Loadmaster V44.0.1.24 - release notes  (Read 4960 times)

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Loadmaster V44.0.1.24 - release notes
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:09:49 pm »
This update includes all Google API calls being replaced by OpenStreetMaps.

Google was used for looking up addresses from postcodes and the production of maps. Unfortunately, Google have started charging for anything but a low use of these calls. The curent cost is a minimum of $200 a month.

We therefore recoded everthing that used the Google API and replaced it with the OpenStreetMap versions. In all cases we have produced a better result.

The postcode lookup now lets you work the other way, so that you can put the address in instead and it gives you the postcode. You can even out in a location of any type e.g. EIFFEL TOWER. It also displays the wind direction and temperature for the chosen location.