Author Topic: 'Fatal Programming Error' message following update  (Read 5108 times)

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'Fatal Programming Error' message following update
« on: January 22, 2016, 10:44:22 am »
You have just updated and you now get this message. It looks like a major issue but is in fact a minor one that can be corrected within a few moments.

Don't panic and continue to read the message. 'HCreationIfNotFound function called'. Then you get a message like 'The description of the logical file <Param> stored in the analysis is not compatible with the one stored in the physical file'.

It simply means that the structure of the file that your program is using is different to the existing one.

It usually occurs on a network where other users are actually using the system at the time of installation and they are using an older version of the program. Your program wants to update the file to a new structure but it cannot do it as the file is in use.

The solution is to get the others to log out and re-install the program. It will update the file structure to the correct one. You will then have to update the other users.

If the issue is not fixed then during the installation look out for the ADVANCED OPTIONS button. Click on this. You will now get an extra option during installation of 'Advanced options for automatic data modification'. Tick the option that says PERFORM THE AUTOMATIC MODIFICATION OF DATA IN INTERACTIVE MODE'. On the next screen you will now get an option to 'Find the data files corresponding to the application in a directory...' and by clicking this you will get a browse option to search for your data file directory. Do this and then CONTINUE.

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