Author Topic: Mapped drives issue - cannot choose them  (Read 4750 times)

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Mapped drives issue - cannot choose them
« on: July 04, 2018, 01:23:25 pm »
Symptom - You go into Windows Explorer and you can see a variety of drives but when you go into Loadmaster to change the Data Directory then the one you want to use is not there.

The difference is due to Windows Universal Access Control (UAC). The missing drives are not visible due to the fact that either the program was installed under a Windows Administrative Account or the shortcut is being 'Run as Administrator'. In Windows if you run a program as Administrator then when it tries to do something that requires a higher level of privileges then these are not granted, this includes viewing mapped drives from inside a program.

A sign that you have this issue could be that when you install an update you get a message about files having ACCESS DENIED in C:\Program Data\Zipzap Computers Limited\Loadmaster

Resolution - You should install Loadmaster as a Standard User and not as an Administrator. Do not 'Run as Administrator'. Loadmaster does not need special 'rights' to operate.

Note: In Windows Explorer if you see Drive Letters that have a red cross on them then that is a different issue. The cause of this is not accessing the drive for a long period of time and the connection is automatically severed by the operating system. This is a Windows issue often caused by the power save option of your network card. Rebooting often 'fixes' this instantly. Using NET USE command with the Persistent option may also resolve this.