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Sameday Additions
« on: December 06, 2017, 02:16:30 pm »
Additions allow your customers to view their proof of delivery details online 24/7. Much of the setup is very easy.

You need either a fixed IP address on your router or the use of a Dynamic DNS Server, like DynDNS of No-IP. In the case of the dynamic address you simply complete the details on the router setup page (normally by using in your browser). This simply 'pins' the location so it can be found on the web.

You set up a web server on one of the network computers (comes as standard on Windows after version 7) and load PHP on it, you then give it a fixed IP address on the router. You install a copy of Sameday on this computer as it loads an ODBC driver and connects to the data. You load the pages we supply on the wwwroot directory under the inetpub directory.

On the router you then redirect calls on port 80 to this computer. You can test by going to in a browser on this computer. You should be able to query the database.

You issue your individual customers with their one username and password. They can then access the basic details of their jobs back as many days as you allow them. You can do this for all your customers.

A good idea is to redirect to these internal web pages from your web site.

Our Logistics Manager software uses a similar idea of using your computers but we redirect on port 4999 in that case. We also use a proprietory Manta server which is accessed by desktop computers and Android devices.