Author Topic: Unable to open/create files in C:\ProgramData\ZiPZAP Computers L  (Read 4245 times)

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Unable to open/create files in C:\ProgramData\ZiPZAP Computers L
« on: September 14, 2017, 05:03:13 pm »
You may get an error message and the program stops. It may occur immediately after installing a new version of the program or you log onto Windows as a different user.

It's due to Windows security and means that the program was previously installed under a particular user and that's not you!

There are two solutions -

1.  Go into My Computer then Local Disk C: and the folder ProgramData (not Program Files) and you will find a directory called ZiPZAP Computers Limited.

(Note that ProgramData is a hidden folder and you may have to unhide it. In Windows 10 click on Local Disk C: then View and Options. The setting is on the View tab.)

Enter this directory and you will see a folder called TPNSOAP. Right-click on this and choose PROPERTIES.

Click on the SECURITY tab. Half way down you will see a button that says EDIT. Click this.

You will get a new screen with a list of users. Click on the ADD button.

Add a user called Everyone

Hit the CHECK button. It will be accepted. Click on Everyone in the table. Put a tick in Full Control at the bottom and hit the APPLY button.

Now OK and come out. You can now access the system as another user.

or you can -

2. De-install TPN SOAP. Browse to C:\ProgramData\ZiPZAP Computers Limited\ and delete the TPNSOAP folder you find here. You may need to authorise it as ADMINISTRATOR.

Re-install TPN SOAP

You will have to go into Setup and complete this again. There is an install guide on our web site in the same folder as the program.

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