Author Topic: CPU running at 100% and computer slow  (Read 5261 times)

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CPU running at 100% and computer slow
« on: April 11, 2017, 06:56:51 pm »
 WUDFHost.exe running at 30-40% alone and the CPU at 100%

This happened to us recently on one computer. It took a lot of research to track it down to a single driver not liking a recent Windows 10 update.

The driver was for an NFC project using an NXP Semiconductor USB. Windows just didn't like the driver.

You could terminate the process but it kept reloading WUDFHost and it went back to 100% load.

The answer was to remove the associated program then go into Control Panel and Devices and remove the hardware entry.

After removal and a reboot the CPU went down to 27%.