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Loadmaster / Loadmaster released - 21/08/2017
« Last post by norman on August 21, 2017, 11:19:23 am »
Available now.

Includes Docutrak document management bibliographic system.

Miscellaneous / RAF Scampton Air Show - 9/10 September 2017
« Last post by norman on August 18, 2017, 04:00:16 pm »
The RAF Scampton Airshow is on the 9th & 10th September 2017. Be warned that traffic may be heavy in the area.

The Royal Air Force acrobatic team The Red Arrows are based at Scampton and we are in the flight lane - great! Hoping to see all sorts fly over. Camera will be out.
Operational Status / Backup redundant system
« Last post by norman on August 18, 2017, 03:54:37 pm »
In this world nothing is perfect. While we try to maintain this board on a 24/7 basis it is evident that at some time it will suffers from some kind of event that takes it offline.

There is a redundant backup board hosted on another ip address which we can fall-back to in the event of a disaster. Having experimented with it for a while it is now being run by a Raspberry Pi Zero W running Apache 2, PHP and MySQL. The truth is that it runs pretty well. It is a little marvel of technology.


Raspberry Pi / Adding a DS3231 Real Time Clock to the Pi
« Last post by norman on August 17, 2017, 04:06:45 pm »
The Pi does not have a RTC as standard but they cost less than 5. Fitting and setup is easy but it would have been even easier if it came with instructions!

Add the following line in /boot/config.txt using Nano -


So sudo nano /boot/config.txt

CTRL O then CTRL X to finish.

Then -

sudo nano /lib/udev/hwclock-set

Alter -

if [-e /run/systemd/system]; then
exit 0


#if [-e /run/systemd/system]; then
#exit 0

Power down. Fit the RTC. A diagram of where to fit it would have been nice. Picture attached which shows where it goes.


Test with -

sudo hwclock -r


PS Another one to remind me!
Raspberry Pi / Adding a HP printer to the Pi
« Last post by norman on August 16, 2017, 05:23:34 pm »
You have to add all the printing support as it's not already set up.

In terminal -

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install cups
sudo apt-get install hplip

sudo usermod -a -G lpadmin pi

sudo nano /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

Change this line -

Listen localhost:631 to #Listen localhost:631

Add this after that line -
Port 631

Add this line -

Allow @local

after Order allow,deny in < Location / > < Location /admin > and < Location /admin/conf >


sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

Then run the internet browser with on the address line.

Add a printer. This will find the printer. Click on the PPD file at the bottom and browse for the right PPD file. OK.

Try a test print.


PS this is to remind me as well!
Visitors / Send us a message
« Last post by norman on August 16, 2017, 10:18:45 am »
We can see visitors to this forum from all over the world. Your IP address is visible so we can work out where you are.

Please feel free to drop us a line and lets us know where you are located. Email to

But please don't use it as an excuse to spam us.

Linux / Lincoln Linux User Group meting - 16/08/2017
« Last post by norman on August 15, 2017, 08:32:21 am »
7.00pm Lincoln Bowl, Washingborough Road, Lincoln.

Windows / Inaccessible boot device - Windows 10
« Last post by norman on August 11, 2017, 07:37:07 pm »
The computer boots to the blue screen of death with the message 'Inaccessible boot device'.

Windows 10 uses multiple partitions and the C: drive you see is not really the boot partition. For some reason it's not loading the operating system.

It is a scary message. A reboot may just take you to the same thing. Do not follow the advice that you get from the internet and start reinstalling Windows. It's a poor solution.

Don't forget that if you reinstall then you will lose everything.

Reboot again and try hitting F8. See if you can get into a Command Prompt screen. If you can you may find you end up at an X: prompt with a few directories in it. You will find there is a C: drive but it's not your normal C: drive. If you look at D: then you may find all your files and folders here.

Run sfc /scannow on any drives that you find. It may say that it has found nothing.

Reboot again. Does the computer now magically reboot?

Worth a try.

This may be connected with pressing reset when the computer hangs for a very long time on startup when it's actually doing an update.

Loadmaster / Loadmaster hanging on Print Preview or creation of PDFs
« Last post by norman on August 08, 2017, 01:43:29 pm »
You are on Windows 10 Creators Update!

It's a 'feature' introduced by Microsoft!

Upgrade to Loadmaster or later

Loadmaster / Loadmaster released for Windows 10 Creators Update
« Last post by norman on July 27, 2017, 04:10:17 pm »
Released 25/07/2017.

This deals with an issue caused by the Creators Update which caused the production of PDF documents and print previews to 'hang'.

Please note that Windows has a habit of changing the Default Program for PDF's to the Edge Browser. Ensure this is altered back to Adobe Reader or your normal PDF reader.

Previous versions of Windows do not need the update.

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